Welcome to our website.

First of all, we like to introduce ourselves to you:

We (Ankie and John van der Heiden) are living in Rockanje, a small seaside resort about 20 miles from Rotterdam (south-western part of Holland).

We are true and in every inch dog lovers.
After having started keeping Newfoundlanders in 1975, we eventually chose the Mastiff.

  • Our first Mastiff we got in 1988, his name was Melchior (called ‘Mel’).
    Mel was not a show dog, but on the other hand he was a very sweet dog and a nice family friend.
  • Our second Mastiff was Iron Macho (called ‘Dribbel’).
    With Dribbel we did take part in shows in Holland as well as abroad.
    Not surprisingly he made it to Dutch Champion, Champion of Luxemburg and International Champion besides Junior Winner 1998.
    He was a very good show dog, but unfortunately he did not have much success as stud for he only produced one puppy..
  • This one puppy is our present Mastiff: Mr. Magnanimous (called ‘Meneer’).
    Meanwhile, Meneer visited several shows as well and he is already Dutch Champion too.
    He has more success in breeding than his father, for as a sire he has produced several litters by now.

Are you interested or would you like further information?
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We hope you have much pleasure in visiting our site.